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Join us in this special event

God’s Healing Love

with our dear guest

David Michaels,

Precious Blood of Jesus & Global Marian Warriors

Date: September 18 2022

Live in Facebook and Youtube

Our Lady Mediatrix Feast Day Celebration

Flame of Love National Conference
An Urgent Appeal: “Convey This Flame Which I Present to You!

We invite you in this special event on June 25, Calling All the Sons of Mary- a special invitation from our Blessed Mother. Please share this event to your priest and everyone. You can also register your priest using the link below:

May our Blessed Mother ignite the whole world with Her Flame of Love who is Jesus Himself.

An inivitation to all Sons of Mary, Flame of Love Special Event

Date: JUNE 25 2022 on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.



From 8:55 AM to 10:15 AM Asia Time Zone

2:00 AM to 4:15 AM CET / June 24 8:00 PM to

10:15 PM EDT, US Time Zone

1:00 AM UK TIME Zone

Our Beloved Priests, please use the link below to register:


Join us Every 7th of the Month, Time: 11 PM

Holy Mass at 10 PM UK Time

Hosted by our Flame of Love Devotees from all over the world.

Live in Facebook & YouTube
🌹Help us spread the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who is Jesus Himself.
Youtube: Flame of Love UK
Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsdkyyl0FPorVQEIrudYYEA
🌹Share this Powerful Grace to everyone, a powerful means to blind Satan.
🌹This is our Blessed Mother Cause, Urging Humanity to come to Her Aid, through Jesus her Divine Son
🌹The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is Jesus, Himself
🌹It is Love
🌹Jesus is God’s Love for the World
🌹Most Precious Blood of Jesus, Save Us and the Whole World
🌹 With Blessing of his Holiness Pope Paul VI (November 1973) & Pope Francis (June 2013).

We would like to invite everyone to join us on our Holy Mass next week, Thursday February 24, Time: 7pm at Tyburn Convent London.
Please find more information below
God bless you all 🙏❤✝️🌹


🌹We invite you to join and pray with us. Let us unite in prayer as one children of our dear Mother in Heaven, and with one heart and one voice, through our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ to our Heavenly Father.

Join us in this special event, Live on:

February 7 2022 Time 9.30 PM

For more information to join please visit https://flameoflove.uk/events/

Hosted By:

Our Flame of Love Devotees from Singapore, US, Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago, Malaysia, Australia, UK,Japan,Ireland

🌹 Our Lady of Lourdes Night Vigil 🌹

🌹Join us in this special event , our Lady of Lourdes Vigil with our Spanish Flame of Love Brothers and Sister, event starts on February 11 2022 (10 PM) until February 12, 2022 (7AM).

God bless You

🌹Join us on the Festivity of Our Lady of Candle, organised by the Spanish speaking Flame of Love Group at the crypt of Tyburn Convent, London. This a special place were relics of 100+ Catholic martyrs killed in the same spot are kept. We hope to see you there 🔥❤️🙏🏻 #FlameofLove #folprayer #flameofloveoftheimmaculateheartofmary #flameorloveuk

Hosted By:

Our Spanish Flame of Love Brothers and Sisters