Győző Kindelmann
International Coordinator

Győző Kindelmann’s Message to our March 20, 2021 Leaders’ Conference

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I Greet You All in the Love of Jesus Christ!

Since all of us have committed ourselves to Our Blessed Mother and Her Flame of Love, I feel twice as much a brother to the Conference organizers, Speakers, leaders and each participant who is present.

The most important Message in the Flame of Love Spiritual Diary is the Unity Prayer which invites us to be united with Jesus in every moment of our lives, that we let Him be in charge of each of our actions, our feelings and every stirring of our understanding. I believe, that if this becomes a reality then we can be in complete unity not only with Jesus, but also with one another. Since, if we walk together with Jesus, if our hearts beat together, if our thoughts are one, then, In Christ and through Christ, we are all united with each other as well. This Unity is not dependent upon distance or numbers of miles, and precisely because of this, although I live
on the other side of the world, in my spirit, I am with You in this Conference.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, All of You Who Have Accepted into Your Heart the Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin!

As you well know, around this time we always pick a short section of the Spiritual Diary which will serve as a motto for the members of the Movement for the entire year. With the help of the spiritual assistants and coordinators, we have done so again this year. We chose one of the promises of the Blessed Mother, which can fill us with hope during these difficult times: ”I, the Beautiful Ray of Dawn, will blind Satan!” (May 19, 1963)