In 2013, Pope Francis gave his apostolic blessing on the Flame of Love movement of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This devotion sprang from the remarkable conversations between Elizabeth Kindelmman, Third Order Carmelite and Jesus and Mary, in the form of internal locutions.Already, on June 6, 2009, Cardinal Péter Erdö, Archbishop of Esztegom, Budapest, Hungary, had given his Imprimatur to the original Spiritual Diary. In the Cardinal’s words regarding the Flame of Love:

“…This spirituality spread to many countries throughout the world and has produced positive fruits. Before making this decision in Budapest, we have spoken with bishops, priests, and people from other countries. We have also talked with pastors of souls in our own country. They have testified that the Flame of Love produces fruits in the lives of individual persons and of communities. These testimonies were very positive and we know that a good tree produces good fruits.
After this, we established a commission. Various priests examined the written documents, including the Spiritual Diary itself, the documentation from foundations outside of Hungary, and the recognitions that local bishops in many parts of the world (from Brazil to Mexico) have given to this Movement as a private association of the faithful. Just a short time ago, this investigation was finished. As a conclusion, our Church recognizes as authentic, in accord with the Catholic faith, all of the material contained in the Spiritual Diary. Also, this archdiocese considers that the activity, life and rule of this community is in accord with all that characterizes movements of spirituality and authentic communities of the Catholic Churc
At this point, the entire Church receives this charisma as a gift from God. Instead of forgetting about this gift, we ought to place it on the lampstand so that it lights up everything in the house.