Apostolic Blessing from Pope Francis

When the Holy Father blesses a Private Association of the Faithful such as the International Movement of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, it does not mean that the Vatican has approved the entire Message of the Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann.
It simply means that the statutes of the Organization have been approved by the competent authority, the local ordinary Cardinal Peter Erdo, Archbishop of Budapest, Hungary; and the Holy Father offers an acknowledgment that the Organization has a mission it is pursuing on behalf of the Church, which is within its purview as a lay organization under proper spiritual direction and subject to Canon Law.
While Cardinal Erdo has indeed approved the entire Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann as having nothing against Faith and Morals, and he has further praised the Diary as a “Gift to the Church” in formal remarks, his approval of the Movement in his Diocese does not bind nor prevent other Bishops from making their own judgment. While Cardinal Erdo’s decision should be held in the highest respect according to the documents of the Church, and Pope Benedict has reminded all in the Church of the proper submission to the messages contained in the Diary due to the presiding Bishop’s approval in these matters, the Vatican reserves the right to ultimately decide whether the Diary and the prayers are in complete conformance with Church doctrine. The Movement is currently seeking approval as a Public Association of the Faithful, which, if granted, would allow it to operate in all Dioceses within the Church.

All prayers of the Movement from the Diary must be considered private prayers and prayed in private or in a private group in which all members agree to pray the prayers. If the prayers are prayed in a Church as a private group, the permission of the Pastor must be obtained. No materials should ever be left in the Church or the Parish property without the Pastor’s approval. The Movement has formally operated within the Church for at least 20 years and was also given a letter of praise from Cardinal Francis Stafford. The leaders of the Movement in the United States have pledged complete loyalty to the Church and will unconditionally follow whatever decision the Holy See makes with regard to the Movement.