An Invitation To All Sons of Mary

To Register please visit the Flame of Love Philippines or use the Button below to join:

A Flame of Love Special Event joined by our lovely Flame of Love Priests, Father Ariel & Father Justin with our Flame of Love Director of Communication & International Dissemination John Sullivan , please refer your priests to register in this special event. Let us all share this beautiful Grace of Mama Mary, Holy Trinity’s Special Gift for the World. May we open our hearts to Mary’s Calling. May the Lord Bless us All, May you be inflamed with the Flame of Love of Mary, who is Jesus Himself, filled with the presence of Thy Holy Spirit, Amen

💙Requesting Prayers for our Priests:

Hi may we request prayers for our lovely Priests that they may open their hearts and say Yes to Mama Mary’s invitation and that they may also invite other Priests & Share this beautiful Grace to everyone. God bless us all, Alleluia

Deep diving of Faith in the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with Global Marian Warriors & our Flame of Love Director of Communication and International Dissemination, John Sullivan. May the Lord Bless you.